Studio, you say?
"I think a band should work like a body. The drums should be the spine, the bass should be the muscle, and the guitars and keyboard should be the the flesh, and then the vocals should be the soul. It should work as one thing and you shouldn’t have to discuss it."
Yannis Philippakis (via thefoalsbible)

One must request Foals during request hour on radio and said song must not be My Number.

I have reverted back to The Foals Bible as opposed to the Jack Bevan shrine (thegingeronefromfoals) as the blog sucked

Great thank u for the approval.

you-dont-have-yannis-number answered:pls do! that be great!!

One confirmation is all I need. I vow to live up to our fallen ancestors, the abandoned blogs of Bevan.

Considering switching this blog to a Jack Bevan appreciation one. I don’t think there’s any left here on tumblr and we need one ofc



Advice straight from a ginger greek holy prophet.