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Lyrical Imagery : Foals


Hello all! I have decided to start a new feature in which lyrical imagery is discussed - the prompts behind those images conjured when you listen to certain music. We’ll begin with Foals. If you’re familiar with Foals’ music, you’ll know just how rich it is in imagery and illustration.

1. Moon

Moon is a rather dark, minimalistic song off Foals’ third and latest album, ‘Holy Fire’. It describes a haunting, almost post-apocalyptic scene. I could quote the song in it’s entirety, but these lines stick out in particular: ‘Black dogs running through the fields, they’re dripping red, the world is quiet, there is nothing left unsaid, million image, million capture, million dead… It is coming now, my friend, and it’s the end.’ This image conjures an inescapable sense of hopelessness and finality. The music itself features an incredible sort of an organ swell halfway through, and the rest features minimum instrumentals, emphasizing this feel. Its a really beautiful song, actually, one of their best in my opinion.

2. Milk and Black Spiders

Another song with some pretty vibrant imagery is ‘Milk and Black Spiders’. These lyrics feature a stark contrast between an intense sense of lack of direction, ‘no map, no message,’ and a later sense of security and positivity, ’cause I know you’re still with me, you my compass and my sea.’ I’ve also always found it interesting how this song mentions a, ‘broken glass ocean,’ and the video for Spanish Sahara features an ocean of broken glass…

3. Spanish Sahara

Quite a popular song of theirs, this number depicts an unpleasant yet beautiful wasteland. This image is suggested right from the title, but the lyrics continue to further the vision of this place, ‘So I walked into the haze.. it’s future rust and it’s future dust… so god damn this boiling space’. So it was an interesting move on Foals’ behalf to have the video to this song filmed with such contradicting visuals - an icy, mountainous spot. The imagery in this song creates an understanding of a longing for escapism, along with the impactful lines, ‘leave the horror here, forget the horror here’. The music is extremely progressive and accumulates from tame, hesitant noise to this massive, powerful guitar as the song breaks, concluding this search for escapism with a feeling of release / breaking free.


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Attention all Foals fans!


So I actually had this idea like 6 months ago but then dismissed it as stupid and forgot about it but idk, whats to lose? Anyway, when reading one Foals interview in particular in which Yannis said how he’d love for the band’s music to be the ‘catalyst’ to someone finding themselves, it gave me this strong desire to contact the band and… show appreciation? I know that I’m not the only person here who believes Foals have had an strong impact on their lives or whatever. I would love to arrange to collect messages from Foals fans around the world and combine them into, maybe a book or digital format and get it to the band somehow. I’m pretty sure that if this became fairly popular that their PR or whatever wouldn’t mind getting it to them.

Idk, this was just a thought I’ve been suppressing, ideas/backing is welcome!


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